What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Ruby Under The Hood: Memory Layout of an Object

Do you enjoy learning about Ruby internals? Then this article is for you! You will learn how much memory a Ruby object takes & a fun experiment you can try.

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Today I will talk something about design pattern in Ruby. The design pattern know as by the book `Gang of Four` and include three major classification are Creational Structural Behavioral.

Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite techniques for improving performance. It's a source of easy little performance wins that eventually add up, and only occasionally reduce your application to a heap of smoldering rubble.


Achieving "skinny controllers" is easier said than done. Learn how to use domain lifecycle events to separate concerns without moving the bloat into models.

Writing efficient queries that balance performance and memory footprint is the most crucial part of writing good software. Doing this is not super easy, but keeping an eye on logs and how your queries are executed under the hood will definitely help you a lot.

Beyond Ruby

For as long as I’ve been working in tech I’ve heard this oscillating debate about the use of deadlines in projects, with particularly strong opinions from those against them.

The adoption of microservice-based architectures in enterprise software systems seems to be a growing trend. The driving force behind moving from monoliths to microservices is the desire to fully leverage the benefits of cloud computing — specifically elasticity, resilience and agility.

Blast from the past
So, what do people mean when they ask for simplicity? One-button operation, of course, but with all of their favorite features.

Gem of the week
A Ruby gem that is a Sinatra app generator with Rails-like simplicity. I built this to help fellow Flatiron School students with their Sinatra assessments.

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