What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Ruby doesn’t scale
Why you should stop blaming a programming language for your low quality work.
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Should you update Stripe Checkout for your business?
New week new bug to hunt down! A day after our last deployment at work, a new type of error started rising like a great wave.
Distributed systems debugging can be tricky. Following along as Heroku Engineer, Richard Schneeman, debugs network connection issues.
Have a great idea for a gem like, say, to wish everyone a happy birthday? Simply follow the conventions for writing your own gem, push it live and add it to your gemfiles!
Beyond Ruby
The recent Zoom vulnerability is just one of many examples which show us that many developers do not understand how CORS works .
How the Content Setup Engineering team used Hollow, to re-architect and simplify an essential component in our content pipeline.
Blast from the past
Previously we used pg_trgm to speed up LIKE and other operators. Today, we'll use the same module to implement auto-correction in a search engine.
On the code-changing magic of `yield_self`.

Gem of the week
Identikal is a tiny Ruby gem that compares two given PDF files and returns true when their “contents” are identical and false otherwise.