What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Robust Rails browser testing with SitePrism
Decouple your Capybara tests from HTML markup specifics with the help of SitePrism and a Page Object Model.
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 Rails 6 now records the current timezone of an Active Job.
The renewed Ruby/Rails digest. Meet some old and new projects on GitHub that were popular this July and August.
Do you like money? If so, don't use Perf-M dynos on Heroku.
We’re going to implement the very first draft of Rake — by Jim Weirich 🙏. himself

Beyond Ruby
Functional stupidity is: don’t self-reflect, don’t ask why, and only think about what we ask you to think about. This can be good in corporate-land. It is a disaster for software.
When you become a manager you acquire certain institutional powers, and you can use those powers to change the thing that makes you miserable.

It’s a hack. A gnarly one. And like most hacks, it kinda works.
Blast from the past
Design is a broad topic. This post won’t approach the adjective qualifying a style with simple forms and a pure appearance. No. Design is broader than a sleek car or an harmonious living room.
In this edition of Ruby Magic, we'll implement our very own background processing system to offload potentially slow tasks as a peek into background job libraries like Sidekiq.
Repository of the week
A little terminal UI for managing schema migrations in Rails.