What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Refactoring Ruby: From Subclass to Registry
My team was given a particularly laborious task: implement responsive images throughout a legacy Rails application. Back then, the app was sending disproportionally large image files over to web browsers regardless of client device and viewport characteristics.

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Mocks are not bad, mutation is bad. This blog post explains why we should never mock constant in our tests.

In Ruby, we commonly use uniq method on an array to fetch the collection of all unique elements. But there may be cases where we might need elements in a hash by virtue of uniqueness of its values.


Uncle Bob (Robert C Martin) said: Date frameworks, but not to marry them. Many Ruby/Rails developers married to Rails. This article will show how to start dating with Rails.

When we initially launched our API v1, we knew that it was just the first step towards our vision of an extensive domain management automation API to support our platform for DNS and domain automation.

The intention of this guide is for newcomers or startups who wants to quickly bring up a platform to get users. It does not follow any general best practices but serves as a guide to get an API server with a front-end up and running up quickly.

Beyond Ruby

The microservice architecture has recently been gaining traction, with many companies sharing their positive experiences with applying it. The early adopters have been tech behemoths such as Amazon and Netflix, or companies with huge user bases like SoundCloud.

When my partner Siobhán decided she wanted to make a career change into data science last spring, I knew it would be a chance for me to see first-hand how someone learns to code today.

Blast from the past

Over the last several years we’ve seen a whole range of ideas regarding the architecture of systems.Though these architectures all vary somewhat in their details, they are very similar.

Gem of the week
Manage your Ruby On Rails models, relations, and migrations from a simple UI.

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