What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Rails value object design pattern
Regardless of the type of architecture do you like the most in Rails, you will find value objects design pattern useful. The pattern itself doesn't introduce any unneeded level of abstraction and aims to make your code more isolated, easier to understand and less complicated.
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The new Ruby 3.0 preview is out! Woo-hoo! How does the new preview's performance stack up on Rails? And how reliable are these numbers?
In this follow up to a previous post, I'll show how to implement full page caching in a Rails app using memcached instead of Redis, and a middleware instead of Nginx to remove some dependencies and simplify the setup.
You can implement multitenancy in various ways. In one of our projects we went for schema-based multitenancy, where each tenant has its own PostgreSQL schema - i.e. its own namespaced set of tables.
One of the most important "features" to come from Ruby 3.0 will be "Ruby 3x3", the promise that Ruby 3 will be 3 times faster than Ruby 2.0. Well, will it?
A decision has been taken in Ruby 3.0 to make range objects frozen by default.
Beyond Ruby

Our communication practices can be very disrupting. Remote work has taught me to be more considerate of how I communicate with others. We should treat other people’s time as we like ours to be treated.

The story of a bug, and how I addressed it.

Blast from the past
Let’s talk about influence. As an engineer, how do you get influence? What does influence look like, what is it rooted in, how do you wield it or lose it? How is it different from the power and influence you might have as a manager?
In this article I’m going to tell you why spending $350 on a keyboard based on a 25-year-old design may be one of the best improvements you’ll ever make to your work environment.
Repository of the week
Anonymizing pg_dump data isn't always straight forward. This tool helps. It has no dependencies, other than ruby.