What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Puma 4: New I/O 4 Your Server
Puma 4 was just released and the internals of the Reactor were changed. In this post we’ll look what a reactor is, how the old reactor worked, and how the new reactor now works.
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Last week my colleague and I were in Rotterdam for the European Ruby conference. As I mentioned in my last post, Ruby is the main language that we use in our team. Of course we had to go there!
Rails 6 adds before? and after? to Date, DateTime, Time and ActiveSupport::TimeWithZone classes.
We'll  find out why for some reason, defining the instance variables backwards is faster than defining the instance variables forwards. But for now, just know that if you want performant code, always define your instance variables backwards (just kidding, don’t do that).
The story of integrating Sorbet type checker into a Ruby gem development.
Beyond Ruby
Here are some of the traits that easily help distinguish between a true senior developer and a developer with seniority.
A response to the ex-Google Tech Lead video.
Blast from the past
If you use an object-oriented domain model, and you don't put behavior in your objects, you're missing out on most of the benefits of that pattern.
Recently, I discovered a performance regression on a very common page on Discourse. This post is a breakdown on the specific issue I faced with some points you can take back and apply to your next performance debugging session.
Gem of the week
Too many migrations in application makes it painful. Sometimes they are written a long time back, that now you do not even remember.