What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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PRY, your new best friend!
When I first discovered Pry I did not really understand how it worked. To be honest, I still don’t always understand it, but from what I do understand it is a powerful and very helpful tool
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Even though splats in Ruby are common, there are some complex edge cases that can be misleading. Let’s see them together.

In my previous article I covered Single Responsibility Principle. Today I'm going to write about the O in SOLID - Open/Closed Principle.


Although it seems simple at first, scaling an in-house commenting system turned out to be an interesting and non-trivial problem to solve.

Authentication does not exist in isolation from the rest of your app and infrastructure. This can mean that even if your authentication system is reasonably secure, weaknesses in other areas of your app can lead to your users being compromised.

Beyond Ruby

What I’m going to demonstrate is the best way I know of estimating software work completion.

Your engineer keeps saying her team really needs to dedicate some time to reducing technical debt. WTF does that mean?

Blast from the past
In the last year, we did not accomplish the goals that I wanted to accomplish. We did not take the Mozilla project and turn it into a network-collaborative project in which Netscape was but one of many contributors; and we did not ship end-user software. For me, shipping is the thing
Gem of the week
Chrome extension for Rails development

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