What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Prototypes in Ruby and the strange story of dup
Today I was working on a feature where I had to create a few similar Active Record objects. I was creating a read model for some financial data. Most of the attributes of created objects were the same but a few were different.
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Have you ever wondered how the heck Ruby's GC works? Let's see what we can learn by reading some of the statistics it provides us in the GC.stat hash.
In this series we've built a tool to help us move processing into the background and made it flexible enough to easily use in more that one situation and made sure it was easy to use without forgetting something important.
A new version of Rails was announced a few days ago, is the first beta of Rails 5.1. It does not come with breaking changes but it does embrace Javascript in a way that never seen before in Rails.
The introduction of API-only applications in Rails 5 makes it easier than ever to set up simplified apps that deliver JSON responses. This tutorial offers a quick overview of the first steps needed to get set up and coding on a new API application.
Messenger bots still one of the most hot discussed topic in tech community. Buzzwords such as «conversational commerce» can not be unseen.
Beyond Ruby
The idea that TDD damages design and architecture is not new. DHH suggested as much several years ago with his notion of Test Induced Design Damage; in which he compares the design he prefers to a design created by Jim Weirich that is “testable”.
Prioritization means doing the things that are most important first. If you build products, it means doing the things that create the most customer value first.
Blast from the past
As I suspect anyone who's reading this knows, I'm a big fan of refactoring. It's something I've wrote about and talked about for several years now. But one thing I also know is that this is the early days of refactoring.
Gem of the week
A collection of helpful methods and monkey patches for Arrays, Objects, Numbers, and Strings in Javascript
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