What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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RubyConf 2019 - Principles of Awesome APIs and How to Build Them
This is a talk for those curious about designing, building, and maintaining modern APIs. We’ll look at specific tooling and strategies to help improve and maintain the quality, consistency, and stability of your API. 
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Rails has methods like delete_all or update_all to delete and update bulk records respectively. A similar method to insert bulk records was missing.
When your application sends emails it is useful to know what happens to those emails, like whether it has been delivered or opened. Or, sometimes more importantly, whether it bounced.
Rails 6 has moved ParamterFilter from ActionDispatch to ActiveSupport to allow parameter filtering when inspecting an object.
Like stacks and collections, monads are abstract concepts, but abstract in a good way! The abstractions give us power. As programmers, we should understand them. We shouldn’t talk about monads in hushed tones. They’re simple and useful.
When faking external services in tests, start with something simple. I like having a public interface to adapters and having an in-memory adapter for tests. Let me show you an example.
Beyond Ruby
What’s the best algorithm for storing passwords? MD5, SHA256, PBKDF2, BCrypt, Scrypt, ARGON2? Let’s review the status of hashing in 2019.
Testing should be an integral part of programming, with automated tests providing confidence of correctness.
Blast from the past
Whenever you look at a problem somebody’s been working on for a week or a month or maybe years and propose a simple, obvious solution that just happens to be the first thing that comes into your head, then you’re also making it crystal clear to people what you think of them and their work.
This article explains the process of extracting an app from a monolithic Rails application and outlines the transition to a new stack used for the extracted app.
Gem of the week
A collection of middleware to help build services with JSON Schema, OpenAPI 2, OpenAPI 3.