What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Performance Impact of Using Ruby on Rails View Partials
Ruby on Rails view partials can help keep your codebase DRY, but misusing them can have a significant performance impact.
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The first release candidate for Rails 6.1 has been released and wow does it have a lot of great stuff!
Serverless is like a black hole. It promised exciting adventures, but the gravity sucked me in and I spend most of my efforts dealing with its complexity.
An exhaustive hands-on guide for dealing with N+1 problem in database-backed Ruby or Rails applications that use Active Record and serve the GraphQL APIs.
Ruby 3 is an exciting update with lots of new features—yet I think it’s the psychology of turning over from major version 2 to 3 that is most vital to the future health of the Ruby community.
The goal of this article is to show you how you can create your command line application using the Ruby programming language and make it available via Homebrew.
Beyond Ruby
Learn how Netflix uses GraphQL federation for its API architecture, offering a unified, curated API powered by decoupled back-end services.
Blast from the past

As part of my local ruby meetup (#westendruby), I've been dabbling in katas and quizzes.  Having worked several, I can't help but notice that my solutions are sometimes radically different from the others. Hmmm.

Scrum intentionally does not mandate technical practices as part of its definition, but it expects you to add your own. If you don't you'll get a sickly code base that slows down feature development.
Repository of the week
High-level image processing wrapper for libvips and ImageMagick