What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Partition and conquer

How to perform partitioning in a large PostgreSQL table that is actively used in production with a Ruby on Rails application and not lose any data. Lessons from practice.

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After some time playing with a new functional programming languages, I have noticed that Ruby has some similarities with them.

In this article, we will cover Proxy pattern and its types. We will implement each of them using Ruby.

There are a good number of posts about the OOP ‘decorator’ pattern using SimpleDelegator in ruby, this is another one


Fall is here! Change is in the air. And as of last month, Kickstarter runs its two biggest applications on Rails 5: our payments app, Rosie, and our main app, Kickstarter. In this post, we’ll concentrate on the Kickstarter Rails 5 upgrade

Filter data by map shape using PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch to search for locations by administrative areas, tube zones, postal districts or travel time.

Beyond Ruby

I sometimes see people refer to neural networks as just “another tool in your machine learning toolbox”. They have some pros and cons, they work here or there, and sometimes you can use them to win Kaggle competitions. Unfortunately, this interpretation completely misses the forest for the trees

So, how many bugs to do you have in your backlog? Hundreds? More? Less? You’re not entirely sure? Well, I can tell you how many bugs are in our backlog right now. The number of bugs in our backlog is … wait for it… ZERO

Blast from the past
Rack API is poor when you consider streaming response bodies.

Gem of the week
All the world's a server, and all the men and women merely clients

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