What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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On Death and Dying: Ruby on Rails
yeah, but isn’t Rails dying though?” Let’s take a dive into some opinions on both sides of the matter, take into account some facts, and see if we can glean some insight on the oft-asked question.
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Rails 6 adds delegated type to Active Record. Learn why to use Active Record delegated type and it's benefits.

In this episode, we look at the installation scripts of Hotwire and get a better understanding of what they're doing in order to integrate it into our applications more efficiently.
Rails 6.1 now allows adding check_constraint to rails migration when creating table as well as DSL to create check_constraints via migration after the table has been created.
How improved pattern matching and rightward assignment make it possible to “destructure” hashes and arrays in Ruby 3.
There's a good chance you'll be able to increase the number of your web server workers just by using jemalloc.
Beyond Ruby
To be successful at digital transformation you need to optimize the key feedback loops in your software engineering organization.
How chess.com is handling over 4M unique daily users and over 7B queries hitting the database.
An alternative to pre-commit reviews is post-commit reviews, which lets a developer merge changes to trunk, and address reviewer comments in follow-up pull requests.
Blast from the past
Are you asking a question that will improve your critical performance metrics by a millisecond, or by 3000 milliseconds?
Most common pitfalls that could happen when migrating a database, and how, at Doctolib, we mitigate them.
Repository of the week
Most gems should probably be a couple hundred kb at most. I’m talking about the package actually stored in and downloaded from RubyGems by an app using the gem.