What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Naming 101: Programmer’s Guide on How to Name Things
Using good names makes your code better and cleaner. It helps you to intuitively identify what are the responsibilities of each part of code. It makes your application easy to read in the future.

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First released in 1995, Ruby is a general-purpose programming language created by Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto. Matz wanted something that was both simple enough for beginners to pick up quickly and powerful enough for experts to find useful

Learn about why the Global Interpreter Lock makes Ruby a concurrent language, and why your performance metrics will lie to you sometimes.

This “m-word” was used to describe library that uses metaprogramming: adds expose method to Rails controller class, that generates trivial #index/#show/#new methods for simple CRUD situations


Just this week, RSpec 3.7 was released with support for the Rails system tests added in Rails 5.1.

Hello! I'm back from my lovely trip to San-Francisco and eager to keep writing more articles for this blog. Today we will try to figure out the difference between mocks and stubs.

Using Ruby on Rails and JWT+Knock to lockdown your application.

Beyond Ruby
If you’re looking to move to Microservices, I have some extremely helpful advice for you that we have learned during our migration from a monolith to a scalable, maintainable microservice architecture.

The term “AI” is thrown around casually every day. You hear aspiring developers saying they want to learn AI. You also hear executives saying they want to implement AI in their services

Blast from the past
One of the best reasons to make a detailed schedule is because it gives you an excuse to cut features

Gem of the week
Rails plugin to make value objects embedded into active record objects

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