What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Main takeaways from the RubyConf keynote — Ruby 2.7, 3.0 and the road ahead
Rubyconf 2019 is just behind us, and as always Matz keynote is packed with information on what’s coming next for Ruby.
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How to make mailers in Rails simpler, smaller and more flexible using parameterized mailers.
Why should any start-up bother about i18n at the start? Starting well to expand fast!
Ruby 2.7 has added Enumerator#produce to generate Enumerator from any custom data-transformation.
A case study on the decision between using a library and rolling your own.
Beyond Ruby
People sometimes confuse the drive for mastery with a drive to know everything. But it’s not the knowing, per se. It’s not catching the skill, it’s chasing the skill.
The third in the series on desirable properties for tests suggests that tests should read like a story.

Blast from the past
as a service, we migrate our database schema from time to time to deliver new features; these migrations can be risky and must be handled with care to avoid any disruption.
Pagination is one of those things that almost everyone gets wrong for two reasons - user experience and database performance. Here’s why.
Gem of the week
A statesmanlike state machine library