What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Introduction to Concurrency Models with Ruby. Part II
In the second part of our series we will take a look at more advanced concurrency models such as Actors, Communicating Sequential Processes, Software Transactional Memory and of course Guilds — a new concurrency model which may be implemented in Ruby 3

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A few days ago, a blog was released by RubyLang and RubyGems stating that they had fixed multiple vulnerabilities

The Bundler team currently works hard on pushing Bundler to the 2.0 release. This release will change a lot of default behavior, so it might be good to catch up with these changes way before the actual release

First things first, I REFACTORED THIS NASTY MESS! 

Have you ever wondered what the secret_key_base value is and how it’s used in a Rails application? This configuration value was introduced in Rails 4 and is usually defined on a per-environment basis

Beyond Ruby

Software Engineers nowadays are faced with decisions. Sometimes, it becomes exhausting. There are a lot of small technical decisions that is piled up during the project course

Why does this happen? It’s complicated…

Blast from the past

To make better software, you need to understand how people work, and that is what the books I recommend tend to focus on

Gem of the week
JSON templating on steroids

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