What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Interactors in Ruby — easy as cake, simple as pie
Ugh, I hate to start an article straight with a piece of code. But, really, this is the best way to show you the problem and then a clear solution for it. So, please take a look at this controller action and see if you can spot the problem with it

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Whenever a ruby program is run, the program is first lexed into tokens, then the tokens are assembled into an abstract syntax tree, and finally the AST is compiled into virtual machine instructions

This has been a long time coming. I had meant to write this post around the New Year, before the wave of death of Ruby stuff and before DHH’s “TDD is dead” ruckus

This is a question I’ve been asked during the interview for a job offer I’d like to apply for. It is a highly subjective list of certain ‘rules to follow’ when writing code and making decisions during the app development

This post is inspired by Monitoring Slow SQL Queries via Slack. After reading that, I thought, how we can implement this in Rails.

Beyond Ruby

This time we will talk about the purpose of the development of projects, construction of architectural solutions, and programming of algorithms.

This is, in short and in the most layman terms, how Netflix works.

Blast from the past

This article is about the Ruby GC. In particular it is about the GC present in Ruby MRI 2.0.

Gem of the week
This gem provides missing testing utils for Action Cable.
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