What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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How Gitlab reduced their memory usage by 400GB
A technical look into Gitlab's comprehensive process for moving from Unicorn to Puma.
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Is a knife a good thing? There seem to be two main camps regarding Rails concerns. One camp says concerns are good. The other camp says concerns are bad. I reject this dichotomy.
Caching is not magical speed or scale juice, nor is it always appropriate.
We've all worked with tightly-coupled code. If a butterfly flaps its wings in China, the unit tests break. Maintaining a system like this is...unpleasant. In this article, Jonathan Miles dives into the origins of tight-coupling.
In Ruby 2.7, the taint checking mechanism has been removed. Which means that all objects by default are considered untained.
The redo keyword can be useful in the context of a loop or an enumeration.
Beyond Ruby
So you're saying we're just chasing a new shiny object?

Yep. And you're hoping I'll give you a solid technical justification to pursue that shininess.
Recently, I built up a local development environment that uses Docker for some critical integration test paths. I realized there were some far-reaching implications that I had not taken into consideration before I started down this road.
Imagine you had an oracle that would predict with 100% accuracy whether a change was fit for production. Pretty cool, eh? How about 99%? Still pretty cool.
Blast from the past
In this article I want to explore the pros and cons of using rich SQL queries that may contain domain logic. I have to declare that I bring a OO bias to the discussion, but I've lived on the other side too.
Whereas most of our work is between you and a computer – a machine you just have to operate correctly and indicate clear intentions to – code review is a thing between humans. And like it or not, those humans are squishy, opinionated, emotional creatures.
Repository of the week
A new release of Rubocop is here!