What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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How Dishwashers Ruin Ruby Apps
Procrastination can get you into a lot of trouble, work just builds up until you have to spend all your time just catching up. It’s the same with web apps, if you just defer work until after sending the response you’ll still run into scaling problems

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Memory fragmentation is difficult to measure and diagnose, but it can also sometimes be very easy to fix. Let's look at one source of memory fragmentation in multi-threaded CRuby programs: malloc's per-thread memory arenas

A chain of responsibility (Ruby) is a design pattern that allows to decouple a sender of a request from its receiver by giving multiple object a chance to handle that request

Ruby may have a smaller place in the market. But that’s not why you should learn it.


Migrating the web application from monolithic architecture is one of the most serious decisions one can take in any monolithic project’s lifetime

How to cache artifacts from bundle install and rake assets:precompile commands

Beyond Ruby

Since starting my career as a software engineer, I’ve learned that scoping is one of the hardest things to get right. Unfortunately, CS programs in universities don’t really teach you how to scope projects

Having a full test suite with E2E tests allows us to move quickly. It allows developers to push code without the worry of breaking things. It enables releases with extra confidence

Blast from the past

Some patterns are just about the code. If your code looks like this, and you need it to do that, here’s what to do

Gem of the week
Ruby Memory Issues and Where to Find Them

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