What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Generate API documentation from RSpec examples with DOX
When developing an API, one should also write documentation so other developers know how to integrate with it. The problem is, nobody likes to write it

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I've had a few conversations recently where I say things like, "the Japanese Ruby community uses Ruby for different things than in America"... and I get blank stares

If it looks like a duck and swims like a duck, but it doesn’t quack, is it a duck?

Modules are one of the most interesting features of Ruby. You can use them to attach specific behavior on your classes, and to organize your code using composition rather than inheritance


Service objects (sometimes referred to as services) is a holy grail in Ruby On Rails development that helps to decompose your fat ActiveRecord models and keep your controllers slim and readable

Building any webpage with React offers many benefits like faster development time and the option to reuse components. But when you need your application to be SEO friendly, it can be a bit more difficult setting things up

I recently had to import geographical data of India in a PostgreSQL database backed Rails 5 app, and learnt quite a few things along the way. While it can feel daunting at first (it did to me!), things aren’t quite as hard as they might seem

Beyond Ruby

It’s been more than a year since we had a huge TV campaign, we had tables growing up to 30M rows. Since then we had a book club focused on Postgres performance and we analysed several real world scenarios

Estimation is hard. For software developers, it's among the most difficult–if not the most difficult–aspects of the job

Blast from the past

Capture all changes to an application state as a sequence of events.

Gem of the week
Enforces consistent Git commits.

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