What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Friday deploys: comfort, not pressure
Let's look at some ways that your team can become comfortable with deploying, releasing and operating software, which will improve not only your time to market, but your software's quality, reliability and user experience. The fear of Friday deploys can become a thing of the past.
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In this tutorial, I’ll describe a couple of non-obvious Ruby on Rails mistakes that could bring down your production system. They are so sneaky that they could get past the review process of even more experienced developers. Please don't ask me how I know them.
The strict_loading mode helps in avoiding N + 1 that might be otherwise missed. 
In this article, I will examine the most common gemspec attributes and clarify the intention behind them.
Ruby 2.5 added the methods Hash#transform_keys and Hash#transform_keys! to transform keys of a hash.
Beyond Ruby
 Passing tests should feel good. If your tests don't inspire, then you may be making tradeoffs you don't need to make.
In his books, Tornhill discuses multiple evolutions on the same basic idea - files that change often tend to be the ones where most issues occur, hence the need to change.
Blast from the past
Explaining the difference between Mock Objects and Stubs (together with other forms of Test Double). Also the difference between classical and mockist styles of unit testing.
ThoughtWorks has had success in using agile methods for offshore development, but we've learned several lessons based on putting effort into ensuring good communication.
Repository of the week
It's a minimal, extremely fast, lightweight Ruby framework for HTTP APIs.