What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Faster Rails: How to Check if a Record Exists
Generally speaking, Ruby is slower than its direct competitors such as Node.js and Python. Yet, many businesses from small startups to platforms with millions of users use it as the backbone of their operations. How can we explain these contradictions?

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Watir is an open source Ruby library build for automated tests, but it can be also used to build a web-scraper which simulates a human clicks.
In the first two posts on code reading we got the setup and presented an overview of the Ruby Object Mapper (ROM).
Many naysayers would have you believe Rails is dead. Don't believe the hype. With the coming of Rails 5.1 and its embrace of the JS ecosytem, Rails is solidifying its position as the king of web frameworks.
Response times under 100 ms are capable of lightening anyone’s heart. It’s even better when you reach that milestone as a side effect of some rounds of refactoring — even when performance isn’t an explicit priority, good engineering certainly shows measurable results.
Beyond Ruby
It doesn’t really matter whether the team uses stories and story points or not, as long as the underlying goal is still the same.
I struggled with how to think about complexity through much of my career, especially during the ten years I spent leading Office development.

Blast from the past
Computers suck because programmers create crazy complicated stuff that nobody else can understand, and complexity builds on complexity until every aspect of a program becomes unmanageable.

Gem of the week
Validate email for common typos and one-time email providers

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