What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Computers Are Hard: building software with David Heinemeier Hansson
If you were to summarize the entire endeavor of software development, you’d say: ‘The project ran late and it got canceled’.
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This article will compare the transaction API implementation between Active Record and Sequel, and assumes the reader is already familiar with Active Record’s transaction API usage. As the title suggests, I will be critical of Active Record’s implementation. I know some will perceive this as “not nice”, but I think it’s important to be aware of the internal complexity of libraries we’re using every day (myself included).
This post is intended to describe how to configure multiple Sidekiq dashboards for API only apps using a reverse proxy server.
How Ruby can help you schedule your sandwiches.
Recently Mike Perham shared a tweet with this comment and a code sample on the Ruby 3.0 Ractors.
 "If this code doesn’t work, how could Rails ever work? Ractor seems fundamentally incompatible with many heavily-used Rails APIs"
An overview of how to interact with HereDocs as arguments.
Beyond Ruby

Using only averages to compare groups of numbers hides insights, so plot the distribution.

Don't think about logs for observability. Think about system boundaries and events.
You start a new job and it's amazing. Code all day, clear objectives, easy guidelines, ship a bunch of features be a hero. Then something happens and suddenly you get nothing done. 🤔

Blast from the past
A critique of the emerging advice to encapsulate business domain actions in “Service Objects”.

Repository of the week
DateTime class is considered deprecated.