What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Communication layer design for Ruby microservices

When your application grows it’s a good solution to split it into separate microservices to handle the complexity. When you decide to extract some functionality into separate service(s) two problems appear.

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This year, Godfrey and Yehuda Katz announced the version 0.5.0 of Helix: a bridge between Ruby and Rust. On the Helix website there is documentation that covers getting started with it and Rails, but it lacks of clear examples to build a Ruby gem 

In this article I’m continuing refactoring acts_as_list gem I started in part 2 and part 1. You don’t need to read either part to understand this article.


The difference is a little nuanced and not always necessary. Let’s lay out what each method does first, and then we can start the debate about the preferred way to do things

In this article, Marian Serna and Leigh Halliday explore different ways of using React inside of your new or existing Rails apps.

When we use method_missing then we should also use respond_to_missing?. Because of this code becomes verbose since both method_missing and respond_to_missing? need to move in tandem.

Beyond Ruby

This system, where a client loads everything on startup, is viable for small teams. When teams get especially large, however, the number of channels, users and bots become unwieldy; startup time and client overhead both suffer as a result

This is a very old tricky question used in interviews. And if you at least watched Scorcese's magnificent "Wolf of Wall Street", you will remember this phrase

Blast from the past

I like to re-read my favorite books every few years, so I brought Robert Glass' seminal Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering with me on my most recent trip

Gem of the week
Versatile web crawling with (J)Ruby

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