What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Build your own RSpec - a gentle introduction to metaprogramming in Ruby
Although both DSL and metaprogramming are very large topics we would just lick them today in a very fun and easy to understand way. If you didn’t work with RSpec yet I encourage you to give it a try before further reading

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Working on a legacy project sometimes feels like a journey through grief. It kind of is, but not really: there's always something important we can learn in the process.

During this talk Julia walks through building a profiler, why profiling a program from outside the process is hard, and the gritty details on how rbspy works.


Know your sandbox: shallow dive into OAuth2 protocol with Rails and Doorkeeper.

Meet Clowne—a flexible tool for all your model cloning needs that comes with no strings attached. Your application does not have to be Rails or use Active Record

Beyond Ruby

For the past four years, I’ve worked as a software developer at Google. On February 1st, I quit. It was because they refused to buy me a Christmas present.

Let’s continue investigating Software Architecture. In this article we will consider the certification of architects. We will analyze issues related to the types of certificates and methods of obtaining them

Blast from the past

This book, written by Brian Marick, is important. Indeed, it may be necessary. We need something to bridge the gap between the huge population of OO programmers, and the growing need for functional programmers

Gem of the week
Rails logs analyzer (see how fast your views are rendering)

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