What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Automating MySQL schema migrations with GitHub Actions and more
In this deep dive, we cover how our daily schema migrations amounted to a significant toil on the database infrastructure team, and how we searched for a solution to automate the manual parts of the process.
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Not long ago, I was tasked with developing a feature to allow users to upload pictures, not from the traditional sense that we already know but from the webcam. This was novel!
I personally have found Rails credentials really hard to understand.
Elapsed time calculations based on Time.now are wrong. Learn why they are wrong and how to fix them.
If you are not familiar with Ruby then you could be quite scared by multiple articles about lambda, proc, block and different styles of how they could be defined and used.
Beyond Ruby
To improve scalability and performance, we debated various approaches to take better advantage of our replicas, and ultimately agreed on a solution. Here's a look at how this works.
Remote working is not for everyone. That does not mean that one cannot learn how to be more productive while working from their bedroom or home office.
Blast from the past
This post describes how we can shave off the migrations part from the deploy process. What we came to at Shopify is asynchronous migrations that are eventually applied after a deploy and controlled by humans.
How the Rails's Attributes API allows you to use value object in association with your models.
Repository of the week
The latest features of Ruby backported to older versions.