What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Asynchronous Communication: The Real Reason Remote Workers Are More Productive
How asynchronous communication makes teams more productive and how to create a more async culture at your company.
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Rails 6 has added ActiveRecord::Relation#pick to pick the first value from the named column in the relation.
This is a walkthrough of the nine default flags in new_framework_defaults_6_0.rb generated by rails app:update.
How hashes have changed in the last few versions of Rails, and how you can handle them to minimize the pain of your next upgrade.
Surprising Ruby quirks and specifics.
Beyond Ruby
Here is a list of properties of tests. Not all tests need to exhibit all properties. However, no property should be given up without receiving a property of greater value in return.
Finding a mentor won't save you. Here's why the common leadership advice of "find a mentor" falls flat – and what you should seek out instead, as a leader.
Blast from the past
There's one really common performance mistake I see constantly in Ruby/Rails web applications. It relies on a little-known and poorly-understood feature known as the ActiveRecord QueryCache.
Gem of the week
Explicit dependency management for Ruby