What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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An opinionated guide to readable RSpec
It is hard to underestimate a value and importance of automated tests. Creating confidence about if the code works the right way and thus enabling safe refactoring is just one thing

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There's an interesting way to create customizable modules in Ruby that is not well known, which I discussed at a talk at this year's RubyKaigi conference in Hiroshima

The initial motivation behind this gem was to have a tool that would make it possible to serialize Ruby objects to JSON format outside of the view context


This tutorial is for developers who are comfortable with Ruby on Rails but have no particular expertise in system administration.

Vanilla Rails is something we have arrived at after several years of growing and maintaining Rails applications at Dawson Andrews.

Beyond Ruby

I recently started exploring Go for some of my side projects and was really struck by it’s beauty.

I was visiting a relative a couple years ago. My poor cousin (the CEO of an insurance company) had been sold the Agile Silver Bullet ™ and was pissed

Blast from the past
You’re an object – Stand up straight and act like one!

Gem of the week
Data Analysis in RUby

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