What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Adopting Sorbet at Scale
Presenting how Shopify got from no Sorbet in our monolith to almost full coverage in the span of a few months. I’ll explain the challenges we faced, the tools we built to solve them.
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Earlier this year, I was in the position to choose the framework for the startup at which I’m now the CTO. I could’ve chosen anything. I went with Rails. And you should, too. It still is the best framework for getting up and running and for continued iteration and development.
After realizing that heroku standard dynos did not seem to have the performance characteristics I had expected, I decided to approach performance testing more methodically, to compare different heroku dyno formations to each other and to our current infrastructure.
Ruby 3x3 is coming in about a month. One of its new concurrency primitives is Ractors, which used to be called "Guilds."
A story about memory corruption inside Ruby when you create strings the wrong way.
How do you reliably call superclass methods from included modules… when you can’t know for sure if those methods exist, or if they have been overridden out from under you?
Beyond Ruby
Learn how to write well. Topics include figuring out what to write about, how to write an introduction, the writing process, writing style, and copyediting.

This post is a case study of an issue I faced in the form of a stuck Ruby micro-service. The Rails server would boot up and service requests for a while until it would stop responding. The next problem was verification. How can we tell that the process is stuck?

Blast from the past

Designing Software that Maximizes Developer Productivity. Learn how Shopify took its code base from monolith to modular monolith.

Hey web feels damn fast, very interactive as well as clean and modern-looking. How did they do that? That’s what I’ll try to dig up from the web and present here in the following posts.
Repository of the week
Boost your productivity & easily create component based web UIs in pure Ruby. Reactivity included if desired.