What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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5 Tips for More Effective Capybara Tests

Capybara is an acceptance testing framework for web applications. Here are five useful tips for writing better tests using Capybara.

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I decided to walk through the Ruby Doc, one step at a time, and keep notes about what I learn. So this is a kind of travel journal. Just without pictures.

Having built a handful of Sinatra applications, I’ve come to enjoy the charming lightweight framework and the control it provides. However, the initial file creation can be tedious, especially when you add in databases and tests.

I started this post in October 2013 (!) but never finished it. But it seems like something other folks might find interesting, so, here goes. I was fiddling with Tracepoint and I could see an event for Array#select.


There have been a lot of blogs floating around and teaching how to write a simple chat app using the brand new Rails 5 ActionCable feature.

Rails developers can add versioning to their APIs with relatively little effort. This article explains why you need to add versions to your API and how.

Beyond Ruby

Good writing is hard. But why? Because good writing is about good reading. We tend to focus on the former and forget the latter. We forget that code is written only once, but read many times.

Why do we want to measure our competency? Well… because we want to improve. And we have to! The world is rapidly changing: tools, technologies, paradigms, concepts, processes, competitors, crises. We must run to stay in business.

Let’s say you have 2 systems or microservices (or processes). And one of them needs to be notified when something happened in another one.

Blast from the past

Today there was an interesting discussion between Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, and David Heinemeier Hansson on the nature and use of Test-Driven Development (TDD), where one writes tests first and then writes code.

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Avoid the pain of manual switching user roles while developing

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