What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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5 Ruby on Rails Tips You Probably Don’t Know
Since I started working with Ruby on Rails, and after several years of using it passed by, I can’t stop wondering when I discover something new in Ruby world

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In this article, I'll cover _Chain of Responsibility_ pattern. We will learn how to implement it using Ruby and discover when this pattern is applicable in Ruby apps.

Often in time when you need to execute multiple tasks it pays off to run them in parallel, especially when they involve blocking I/O operations

Ruby Proctor is a web app I wrote to help Ruby developers write Rubocop rules more efficiently. The app itself is pretty simple (and is a thin wrapper around the Rubocop runner), but since it relies on executing user-provided code, making it safe was fairly challenging

In that article I would like to explain what a master-slave replication for PostgreSQL (postgres) database means, how it could be useful for your Ruby on Rails application and finally how to start using it in your app if you host it on Heroku

Few months back, one of my application server crashed several times. Upon looking into the server logs, I found out application was not able to write logs

Beyond Ruby

Ruminations on the heavy weight of software design in the 21st century

Talk to your team about Modern Agile. It’s a worthwhile experiment. Here’s why.

Blast from the past

In a recent newsletter I pondered true and false and suggested that thinking of them as normal, everyday objects could expand your ideas about OOP.  Today I'll continue with this theme by considering nil

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Analyze HTTP Requests

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