What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Reducing Sidekiq Memory Usage with Jemalloc
Ruby and Rails don’t have a reputation of being memory-friendly. This comes with a trade-off of being a higher level language that tends to be more developer-friendly. For me, it works

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In the previous part of this article we focused on making specs we try to write as readable as possible. This however, comes at a cost of duplication and bloated individual tests

Here at Opendoor, we have a unique problem where our Rails application requires a large amount of seeded data to run. We need to create mock addresses, cities, vendors, operators, lenders, and more just to run a single unit test


When you get farther upwards the steep hill that is Ruby mastery, you will come across some powerful, yet slightly evil methods: instance_eval and class_eval

Pry is great at showing me the state of the variables contained within the method that the Pry was placed at, but I don’t always want to see just this code and its variables, I want to skip around the application and peek into different components

Beyond Ruby

When we launched our first SoapBox hero I was surprised to discover a document used to introduce her working style to her team. Did others have these? I needed to know.

The only book I’ve read that talks about how to be a professional. It’s extremely insightful, encouraging you to take responsibility, and be a better professional in this very young industry.

Blast from the past

I found myself inundated with updates by Tesla owners who were excited that their cars could now drives themselves into a garage. My response to those facebook updates was perhaps a little cynical

Gem of the week
Authorization framework for Ruby/Rails applications

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