What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Taming Rails memory bloat
MRI, the standard Ruby interpreter, has a serious problem with memory bloat in large Rails apps. It's quite common for me to see Sidekiq processes which are 1-2GB in RSS or even larger! It turns out that a large part of this memory usage is due to memory fragmentation

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Series of blog posts explaining SOLID principles. The last one is telling more about Dependency Inversion Principle.

Learn best practices for building sustainable web apps with behavior-driven development.

Everyone is talking about WebSockets and their older cousin EventSource / Server Sent Events (SSE). Faye and ActionCable are all the rage and real-time updates are becoming easier than ever

In this article we’re going to explore the following topics: the difference between an absolute and a relative path, the Kernel#require method and the Kernel#require_relative method.

Beyond Ruby

You often see software engineers brag that they never used any CompSci in their very well paid jobs.

Estimating how much time and effort it will take to build or fix software isn’t easy, and most people are really bad at it. The more senior you get in your career building software

Blast from the past
Lately I've been working on adding DTrace probes to Ruby 2.0. I am interested in using them to profile and improve rails startup time. Today I want to look at building a profiler with DTrace, finding slow method calls, and making some incremental improvements

Gem of the week
A Rails engine providing essential industry of Role-based access control (formerly called rbac_core)

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