What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Adventures with Sidekiq
As our asynchronous tasks consumption grew, our DevOps team started noticing sudden memory spikes and attributed it to the Sidekiq processes. Apparently, after the background task has finished processing the memory held by the process,it is not released back to the system

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Do you want to become a Ruby committer? Are you interested in learning from language designers? Do you want to get in the loop on conversations in the Ruby open-sourced development community? If so, this post is for you

So Hey, ever bumped into the term Parameters in Ruby, Well parameters are often mistaken with the term arguments. Today I have the pleasure of dawning reality on you


The updated guide how to introduce a Content Security Policy to Rails 5.2 (and earlier) apps.

When using Rails’ built-in fragment caching, parts of rendered views are stored as view fragments and reused if they’re requested again

Beyond Ruby

Consider the costs: the email threads, the 1:1s, the small meetings, the large meetings, the meeting prep, the mockups and samples prepared, the time spent communicating the decision, the meetings to rehash the decision and the opportunity costs of all that time/energy that could be spent elsewhere

There are many ways to learn how to program and there are even more strategies and techniques that can be used. Based on my experience, I made a list of the strategies that works best

Blast from the past

You won’t be reading any Ruby on Rails bashing in this blog post for a simple reason:  I love Ruby and I love Ruby on Rails

Gem of the week
API wrapper builder with response serialization

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