What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Code Reviews: A Tale of Two Developers

Code reviews, as one of the tenets of Extreme Programming (X.P.), are fully embraced by our team. Code is never merged directly to either the development or master branches. It means that all code deployed to either staging or production servers have gone through several layers of human checks

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Imagine you’re applying for a Ruby Developer position at Company XYZ. You successfully passed all previous interviews and you’re heading for the final one, which you know will be strictly technical

Kudos to you, person who contributed to a Ruby repository. I am actually thankful that you did not just create an issue but you actually tried to solve the problem by creating a Pull Request. Now my job, is 10x easier since I don’t have to stop the other things that I am trying to do


We leverage Rubocop’s OutputSafety check to ensure we’re being diligent about safe HTML rendering, so when we found vulnerabilities, we fixed them.

I've built a Slack bot in Ruby on Rails and it is profitable. In this blog post I will describe what I did and tools I used to create, promote and monetize a simple SAAS product.

Beyond Ruby
When asked “How to become a good software engineer?”, I recommend the following three skills: divide and simplify, develop good mental models and learn your tools 

I mean, in the widest possible sense, you are. Your mere existence is bound to change some of it somewhat. But that’s not what the unironic use of the phrase — WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD — is meant to convey in Silicon Valley. They’re actually serious

Blast from the past
Yesterday I was getting set up, and we were having a problem with an internal tool written in Ruby that was sshing somewhere. So we wanted to know exactly what ssh command it was running.

Gem of the week
Full-Featured ElasticSearch Ruby Client with a Chainable DSL

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