What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Why does My Memory Usage Grow Asymptotically Over Time?
Why on earth does my memory consumption chart look like that? It’s a question I hear every week.
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How can you do token authentication with Rails out of the box?

Rails database migrations are extremely powerful, but can be a mess if you don’t avoid the traps. This article outlines a boring way to handle schema and data migrations effectively.
How to set up persisted queries between a Ruby GraphQL application and an Apollo client.
How we can implement non-blocking I/O to improve performance in apps.
Ruby 3.0 will introduce the separation between positional and keyword arguments. The upcoming Ruby 2.7 release aims to introduce warnings for every argument behavior that will change in Ruby 3.0 to ease migration.
Beyond Ruby
Many people ask, “How do I find time to refactor?” I think the question itself betrays a misunderstanding of refactoring. Let me tell you when I refactor.
I have a single, snappy slogan that encapsulates what type-driven design means to me, and better yet, it’s only three words long: Parse, don’t validate.
Blast from the past
Accuracy in estimating software development times is a powerful example of forty years of "try harder" not producing any positive results.
Everyone these days seems to understand that having unit tests are an important part of the work of developing software. Yet, people struggle with the practice. Here are 12 ways you can immediately improve your unit tests.
Gem of the week
Danger runs after your CI, automating your team's conventions surrounding code review.