What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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The Observer Design Pattern is kind of like a podcast
If you listen to podcasts, you are already familiar with the Observer pattern. In fact, you are an “observer”.

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Class methods are the source for continuous discussions and disagreements among my colleagues

This is a look at the technical details of a how Bundler works that I wanted to share with everyone. I’m currently the newest member on the Bundler core team where I mainly just help out where I can


I see often that people are not aware of the importance of rendering views, and especially partials, in the proper way in Rails

Ruby sure has matured well over time! It’s fun to see how the community has progressed — here’s the top 10 all time most downloaded ruby gems! 

In this series of articles, I will try to provide you with an explanation on why you should invest your time in learning Kafka and the Karafka framework and how it can reshape the way you design and develop your Ruby applications

Beyond Ruby

Agile started off as a set of values. Values are subtle and abstract, so as agile spread, what spread wasn’t the values but the practice of working in cycles. Cycles are easy to explain and easy to copy

Forrester projects that firms will pay 20% above market for quality engineering talent in 2018

Blast from the past
While preparing for my talk at Codemania I started filling my slides with links, clearly not something that scales. So, instead, here is a big list of interesting tools and resources that can help you journey through the murky waters of web performance

Gem of the week
Easy way to login as any user in system.

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