What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Running GitHub on Rails 6.0
On August 26, 2019, the GitHub application was deployed to production with 100% of traffic on the newest Rails version: 6.0. Read more about their process for upgrading, what they learned, and what’s next.
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Leveraging dual booting and CI a Rails upgrade can be a team effort that does not stop ongoing feature development.

In this article we will discuss how to migrate hundreds of thousands of attachments from Paperclip to ActiveStorage without downtime.
Rails 6 comes with some exciting improvements to ActionView template performance!
One fine day there were frequent CPU and memory spikes of our ROR application servers hosted on AWS. Check out how we used GDB to pinpoint the issue!
The reason I started on this work was that the current state of deployment was “dangerous”, various folks preferred to avoid the project as it was difficult to work in and release, but still critical to our overall architecture.
Beyond Ruby
A taste of GitHub Actions for managing open-source projects.
Lock-in is an important consideration. But, it's not a simple black-or-white affair, and minimizing isn't always best.
We asked the right business questions, and designed exactly what was requested. In spite of that, three sprints later, things got messy. The code is rigid, the business requirements have changed and the project is out of hand, again.
Blast from the past
An HTTP caching layer can be used to dramatically speed up requests to our web applications.
I was born in the country where we don’t use the Latin alphabet. Unlike computer science, which was indeed born with the 26-letters-tied mother tongue.
Gem of the week
Cloud66 is open sourcing Noticent, a notification framework for Rails.