What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Remote, but not alone
Working remotely is easy to learn but difficult to master. There's a lot of advice on getting started, so let's talk about all the hard stuff. Here's some food for thought on how to find a way to do your best work from home.

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Adding Many monad to Active Support and Active Record Relation to ease deep chaining on collections.
The creation of multi-step forms is a relatively common challenge faced in Rails programming. Unlike regular CRUD interfaces, there’s not a prescribed “Rails Way” to do multi-step forms.
Scheduling, recurring events and relative dates have always been hard. Until now.
How we introduce code style to mature Ruby/Rails projects with RuboCop and Standard.
The post provides a DSL allows enums definition as constants.
Beyond Ruby
Get good audio, use gallery view, mute if not talking, and welcome the cat.
It’s one thing to be productive on your own or in pairs in remote and distributed working, but that isn’t the same as collaborating in groups. The difference boils down to having the discipline to follow some important principles and use some new techniques.
Blast from the past
Okay, twice now i’ve intro’d this question about the value of m-proof, the rather trivial proof microtests give: what the geek said is what the computer heard is what the geek wanted.
Repository of the week
A framework for saving incoming blank values as nil in the database in instances where you'd rather use DB NULL than simply a blank string.