What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Rails and The Legendary Master.key
As of Rails 5.2, secrets.yml,  secrets.yml.enc and SECRET_BASE_KEY are no longer being used to store encrypted keys. From now on, you should use credentials.yml.enc and master.key.
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The Citus engineering team shares lots of useful Postgres tips on how to debug and improve the performance of your Postgres database from your Rails app. Includes topics like long-running queries, misbehaving queries, pg_stat_statements, pgBouncer, and more.

We had a simple goal: our Rails application must read JSON:API compliant input and handle it. It would be the best if it did not require huge configuration overhead and if it didn’t force people to learn and write code in a very different convention.
RubyKaigi remains one of the best Ruby events in the world—with insightful talks, fantastic organization, and tons of top-notch attendees. And if you still think that “Ruby is dead” then “you’re just not paying attention.”
Turns out that when frozen string literals were introduced in Ruby 2.3 a couple of unary methods were added to the String class - namely unary + and -. They made it possible to have “positive” and “negative” string literals. What does this mean exactly? 
Beyond Ruby
Most of us are familiar with basic OOP design patterns, but what about design principles?

Hello world, and welcome to this series of blog posts which I’m titling “Doing Crystal”. Yes it is a meth joke, and yes you’d better have a sense of humor if you’re going to be a part of this series. You’ve been warned.
Blast from the past
Chances are you’ve already experienced sudden increases in traffic that affect the quality of your service. At first it’s reasonable to just add more capacity to your infrastructure to accommodate user growth. However, when you’re running a production API you need to build for scale and ensure that one bad actor can’t accidentally or deliberately affect its availability.

Gem of the week
Find unused FactoryBot factories and traits in your tests.