What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Integrated systems for integrated programmers
Forget frontend or backend. The answer is all of it. At the same time. In the same mind.
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Surprise! A Rails test involving timestamps was failing inconsistently. Why?
Technology evolves quickly. When you first created your Rails application, it's likely you did it using the latest version of Rails. As time passes, however, new Rails versions come out and your application becomes more and more out of touch with the latest version. But why is this important?
Learn about history of error handling, why Exceptions can be dangerous and how to use Monads!
Have you ever dealt with a unicode bug? Where plain text — the substance you work with all day — can no longer be trusted? It can be disorienting to say the least! This article will help prepare you so that the next time that happens you’ll be able to spend less time hyperventilating.
Beyond Ruby
Not only did it physically hurt to hear, but it also made me realize that Test Driven Development is another one of those Agile Software Practices which may seem like an urban legend. To that avail, I would like to use this article to address it’s doubters directly.
You can't test all combinations of inputs. How, then, can you be confident your code works?
Blast from the past
It took me quite a time to grasp the concepts from DDD community and apply them in our Rails projects. This is a story of one of such "aha" moments.
When it comes to job titles of people who write code, the most common ones are software developers and software engineers. But what is the difference between the two?
Repository of the week
SimpleCov v0.18 released with support for branch coverage!