What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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Advanced Filtering for your Rails 5 Application
Build a dynamic filter with JavaScript and Simple Form in minutes!
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Starting with Rails 6, Webpacker is the default JavaScript compiler. It means that all the JavaScript code will be handled by Webpacker instead of the old assets pipeline aka Sprockets.
 Rails 6 raises ArgumentError for invalid :limit and :precision datatypes.
A quick dive into time precision.
All about the OpenStruct class.
Beyond Ruby
Languages and words only point to objects—they are not the objects or concepts in and of themselves—but words shape how we perceive and interact with an object.
I sat next to a senior software engineer for a year. Here’s what I learnt.
Blast from the past
Why business executives should concern themselves with coding practices.
"Architecture is about the important stuff. Whatever that is."
Gem of the week
Learn how to confidently track down and fix bugs that live outside your application in third-party gems using Pry.