What is Ruby doing on Rails?
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25 reasons to switch to Webpacker
​I've been getting this question lately in some form or another:

Is Webpack and Webpacker worth the hassle?

It's a good question, but my short answer is yes.
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Rails ships with a very powerful tool which is ActiveRecord. It provides access to database, maps records, handles relations, keeps business logic and more. Isn't it a bit too much? Let's try to refactor it!

 I've said before that I think that all tests can run at 100 assertions (or expects) per second or faster. But most suites are considerably slower than that?

Why? It's tempting to say "the database", but actually, that's not it. It's factories.
As programmers we often have to mentally run code. To imagine how a program will behave given certain inputs. This is hard enough for experienced developers. But for juniors? It can seem impossible.
Some things you do as a developer can work for you for years, then turn around and bite you when you were least expecting. These are the things that you wish another developer had told you early in your career so you never had to make the mistakes. This post is about one of those things and if you’re reading this, consider it me telling you.
Beyond Ruby
Transitioning to Remote, Async Work
Not every library (or service) is something that I want my production code to depend on.

Blast from the past
How do you know your code is tested enough? How do you avoid tests that don't add value? Jim Weirich created a heuristic that can answer these!
For any two programmers, no matter how good he or she is, if we get them to sit together, the value of their work will be greater than if they sit apart.
Repository of the week

A fork of Paperclip is being maintained.